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Nuestra Empresa

Mision: To produce and market table grapes of excellent quality, with the highest international standards, taking care for the environment. Establishing with our suppliers and customers a relationship of trust, cooperation and mutual benefit.
Vision: To be recognized in the market as an excellent quality table grapes growers with a strong commitment to care about the enviroment, the community, our staff and our goals.



Agrícola Brown Ltd., better known as “El Guindal”, is located in Calle Larga, Province of Los Andes. It has an area of about 400 hectares. This great place was acquired by Carolus Brown Carvallo in 1918 and since then it has been in the family.

It was not until 1959 that Carolus Brown Barroilhet began to explore the fruit export industry. He first planted 100 hectares of table grapes, along with other export products such as melons and onions, always trying to apply the best technologies in it.

The first export of fruit was made in 1962 and corresponded to a shipment of grapes to New York. From that time on and through “SOL”, “ANDES”, “MILENNIUM”, “BROWNGROUP” and “BROWN & SONS” brands, Brown Group has exported more than 15 million boxes between grapes, peaches, nectarines, onions, plums, melons, etc.


Certificacions & Partnerships:

Together with various institutions Brown Group has remained at the forefront, meeting the highest quality standards.



Research and Development:

Currently Agricola Brown S.A. is an active and key member of “Biofrutales Technology Consortium”. Biofrutales operates with private and public capitals such as CORFO funds. These projects seek genetic improvements of grapevines, stone fruit and cherries, through the use of biotechnology.



Brown Group in his capacity as a founding member of “Pro Aconcagua Corporation”, has always been committed to the development of the region promoting corporate social responsibility, productive development, education and environmental care. These are some of the areas of work in which this major corporation cooperates with the Aconcagua Valley.

Meanwhile Brown Group has made significant contributions to the surrounding community, through the foundation of the schoolhouse “Maria Isabel de Brown” (1st place in SIMCE of the municipal schools in the district), located in “Población Juan XXIII”, Calle Larga. Brown Group also contributed to the foundation and formation of “Club Deportivo Guindal Santa Isabel” a sports and social club.